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After last year's experience with a new and unproven nuc provider, this year we made the wise decision of becoming a distributor for the finest bee provider and queen maker in the world. We are now the Kansas Distributor for Olivarez Honey Bees.


OHB packages are certified free of Small Hive Beetles, certified free of AHB genetics, and certified treated for Varroa before they are shipped. We offer 3 pound packages at a terrific price with Saskatraz, Carnolian, Italian, and Golden West Queens. 


 We offer Randy Oliver's Golden West Queens for the first time ever!

For the past years, Randy has been selecting queens for varroa tolerance and he is providing his queens as an option for you to order through this site. They will only be in our packages this year. You can order Saskatraz, Carnolian, and Italian queens from us. They are OHB queens and they are bred in mating yards that are saturated with drones from OHB hives strategically placed to ensure authenticity. 

Packages or Nucs?

That question was discussed at the December American Honey Producers Association meeting in San Diego. Many of the commercial honey producers prefer OHB packages because they know they are getting a new high-quality queen of choice, they are free of hive beetles, recently treated for mites, they don't bring issues with the old comb often found in nucs, they are certified free of Africanized Honey Bee genetics, and the confidence they place in Ray Olivarez' Package and Queen production methods.

Packages are projected to arrive at our warehouse during the first week of April. We will keep you posted as the bees make their way toward their new home with you. See our great pricing below. We offer a 10% discount for Veterans and for those who purchased nucs from us last year. If large orders well away from the Manhattan area occur, we will make arrangements to drop them at a site nearer your location.      

We do not ship bees. Packages must be picked up at our warehouse.

For orders of 100 or more, we can arrange a drop at a site nearer you.

1210 Sedam Avenue
United States, Manhattan, Kansas, 66502

We do not ship bees. Packages must be picked up at our warehouse.
For Online Purchases, Please Select LOCAL PICKUP On Shipping AT CHECKOUT. This will eliminate shipping fees, as we do not ship bees.

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